About Sanne

Have you ever wished you were perfect and wished the same for the world around you, but experienced your thoughts ruminating with worries and the feeling of not being good enough and fear of making mistakes, being rejected or perceived as stupid? Then you’ve found the right person.

Sanne is an expert on perfectionism and the typical thinking traps affecting the perfectionist. Specifically, on how this can stand in the way of achieving and living the life you really want.

Sanne is a well-being and behavioral researcher – and expert in the field of perfectionism.

She has a special ability to ask questions which both create reflection, new thinking patterns and subsequent change. With her questions she can lift you, see yourself from new perspectives so you can feel calm, focused and let go of the worries, feel greater self-esteem and make decisions for a better, more positive life. She is also good at spotting opportunities for others and embodies the fact that life is a long learning process, where you constantly evolve and get to know yourself, other people and life in new ways.

Sanne’s heart lies in creating well-being for the people in her life. She loves giving people a sense of fulfillment and achievement. That you can achieve what you want if you are brave, work hard and seek opportunity, but at the same time are kind to yourself and others. Her four rules of life are: “Add a little pink to your life”, “Always remember to bring happiness with you”, “Lead your life with a warm and open heart” and “Dream big, continuously set small realistic goals and thereby make your dreams come true “.

With her great passion for creating well-being, she works daily as a Head of Study Programme at University College South Denmark. Here she also researches well-being and perfectionism and advises students in relation to their studies and study life. She is a Senior Lecturer in the subjects: psychology, personal leadership, coaching, communication, negotiation and has previously taught classes in marketing and visual communication. Before her time as a lecturer, coach and researcher she worked many years as a project manager in the field of marketing and communication in various large corporations. Please review her resume here.

Sanne holds two Master Degrees. One in Positive Psychology from Aarhus University (2017) and one in Business Administration from University of Southern Denmark (2006). She is also a Life- and Business Coach from Manning Inspire (2013). She was born in 1980 and raised in Denmark. Furthermore, she has lived in Australia and Belgium, but today she lives in Fredericia, Denmark, with her husband and their two children.

Sanne loves to paint, travel, indulge in liquorice and chocolate and drink red wine in the company of good and visionary people. She never says no to a good and deep conversation about the big questions in life.

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