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Lecture or Workshop in
Well-being, behavior and perfectionism

– Creating a change with questions, humor and thoughtfulness

Sanne has lectured the past four years on behaviour, well-being, psychology, coaching and personal leadership at University College South Denmark. She has lectured both students and managers.

She loves to engage her students and audience and has given presentations and facilitated workshops for up to 300 students.

Book Sanne for a lecture, key note, workshop, as a facilitator or moderator.

A lecture with Sanne is always based on the most recent research within well-being, psychology and behaviour. However, the lectures can be tailormade for specific customer needs and requirements.

Typical themes are:
Perfectionism, well-being, passion, ideals, mindset, thinking traps, self esteem and self-efficacy, motivation, creativity, flow and innovation, nudging, improved choice and decision competencies.

Lectures can last between 20 minutes to two hours.
Please contact Sanne for more information.

Sanne is a certified coach and the basis for her lectures is her well-being program: PERFECT MINDS©

Keywords in the program are:
#Passion #PositiveEmotions #Empathy #Resilience #Relationships #Expectations #Compassion #Self-care #Thoughts #Thinking Traps #BehaviouralPatterns #DecisionMaking #Mindset #Mindfulness #Ideals #Interests #Narratives #Learning #Growth #Development #IndividualStrengths #StressManagement

Book the following lectures:

Absolutely perfect?

Perfectionism through a magnifying glass

Perfectionism is a possible cause of increasing discomfort, stress, worry, insecurity, low life satisfaction, and poor mental health among young women in the age group 16-24 years. This lecture puts the perfectionist tendencies under the spotlight with focus on maladaptive perfectionism. Maladaptive perfectionism is associated with the development of mental health problems of varying degrees and linked to destructive patterns of anxiety, depression, and risk of suicide. In the lecture, definitions of perfectionism and its symptoms and causes are given. Based on research findings, an educational psychological mental health framework, PERFECT MINDS©, for how maladaptive perfectionism can be prevented and treated is proposed.

The framework is directed for use in secondary and higher educational settings as a combined evidence-based and evidence-informed intervention with the aim of lowering unhealthy high standards, but also aimed at promoting more positive reactions from the perfectionist when trying to live up to ideals. This focus on reducing negative responses is consistent with the development of clear and emotional self-regulatory skills that can act as buffers. During the lecture, dialogue and small exercises are facilitated.

The lecture is aimed at teachers, student counselors, managers and other pedagogical staff or consultants in secondary and higher educational settings.

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Absolutely Perfect?

12 Paths to a Perfect Mind

Do you often struggle to get started with a task or to complete it because you doubt whether it is good enough and will be good enough? Do you dream about the perfect life, the perfect version of you and perfect well-being? Why is it so hard to get the life you want when you’re doing your best?

Trends such as perfectionism, hyper complexity, stress and increased focus on performance make it difficult to find peace, balance and well-being. On the other hand, we have never had greater prerequisites for thriving. Well-being and the paths to this is very simple and then at the same time very complex.

Book the lecture “12 Paths to a Perfect Mind” and find out which path suits you best.

The lecture is aimed at you who wishes increased well-being in your daily life. It is also relevant for you who have an ambitious person in your life to increase mutual understanding and well-being. For mother and daughters, best friends, siblings, father, sons. Take each other by the hand and find paths to a perfect mind and increased well-being.

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Disrupt Your Thoughts

Are you willing to disrupt negative thoughts that leads nowhere? Join this lecture where we focus on your thoughts and thinking traps, behavioral patterns and decision making.

Disruption has become one of the trend words of 2017 and 2018. Disruption means interruption or disturbance. Typically, the word is used in relation to new technology changing market and business structures. Imagine that you can learn how to disrupt your thoughts and behaviors so that you get more well-being and make better decisions.

Book this lecture to get tools to disrupt negative thoughts and to identify and tackle your thinking traps:

  • Tilegn dig indsigter fra psykologi- og adfærdsforskningen, som giver dig værktøjer til at forstå og disrupte dine tanker og tankefælder i et omfang, så du kan træffe bedre beslutninger.
  • Med større ro i maven og reflekteret tilgang til egne tanker bliver vi også bedre til at forstå vores omgivelser og medmennesker. Dét sparker røv!
  • Lær hvordan du dagligt implementerer indsigterne for at opnå større trivsel.
  • Mød andre som interesserer sig for adfærd og trivsel og et godt liv.

Det tager kun halvanden time, men værktøjerne kan du bruge for tid, evighed og i øjeblikket.

The lecture is relevant for businesses as well as individuals wanting to get better a better understanding and control of their thinking traps for better decision-making and increased.

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Sanne is currently ready with three new speaks

Who is Sanne?

Sanne Østergaard Nissen

My name is Sanne Østergaard Nissen. I am a well-being and behavioural researcher – and expert in the field of perfectionism, senior lecturer, coach, head of Study programme at University College South Denmark and public speaker.

My heart lies in creating well-being and I have an ability to ask questions that create new thinking patterns, reflection and subsequent positive change.

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